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Missing Yacht Rafiki

The US Coastguard has stopped searching for the crew of this yacht after deciding that the crew could not have survived in the conditions prevailing at the time.

Over 150,000 people (11am Tuesday) have signed a petition calling on the US Coastguard to resume the search and if this worries you then you can find the petition here.

Learn to row for free

River Teign Rowing Club are offering 12 - 18 year olds the chance to learn to row for free.

Monday evenings from March 31st at the lifeboat slipway.

For more information contact:

A beautiful green sea!

The sea at Teignmouth went green today, the fact that it is St Patrick's day that is not the reason!

The Environment Agency are using a green dye at given points along the sea front to establish the water flow from a 'combined outfall'.

We are assured that the dye is perfectly safe to swim in, for dogs to drink as it is a food dye.

The five men in a rib and the two onshore observers will be releasing more dye on the flood tide later today, and, weather permitting, will be back on the 25th to repeat the exercise.

4th-5th February 2014 Storm

Watchkeepers had a nice safe ringside seat for this one ...

but lots of damage done and too many people getting much too close to the danger.

A video clip of the storm can be viewed on Port-hand Mark's facebook page

Sanko Mineral

The cargo ship "Sanko Mineral" has been anchored about 4Nm off Teignmouth pretty much constantly since early November 2013 and despite the fact that she isn't a vessel in distress - at least in the maritime sense - we are frequently asked questions about her.

A little plundering of Google has revealed:

  1. The vessels owners, Sanko Steamship Co, seem to be in financial difficulty and are attempting a re-organisation.
  2. Sanko Mineral was subject of arrest and attachment proceeding in the US in 2012 but was subsequently released before ending up off Teignmouth.
  3. AIS indicates that there are 15 vessels worldwide bearing the Sanko name and several of them such as the Sanko Amity anchored in the Gulf of Mexico don't seem to be doing very much. Some such as the Sanko Mermaid seem not moved for so long that AIS has given up on them.

So close

Story Image

The weather must be bad for something this size to have come in so close!

Patara is 182m long with a 9m draft - too deep for Teignmouth. Next destination is Port Said but according to her AIS track she took a very zig zig passage down the channel. At one point she looked as though she was heading back toward Southampton but then just east of Portland she changed course again, went round The Bill and down towards Brixham before anchoring less than 3Nm off Teignmouth.

Heartbeat Defibrillator

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Local Charity, Heartbeat, revealed their first defibrillator, on Thursday 21st October outside the Teign Corinthian Yacht Club.

Pictured are Keith Mason (left) whose life was recently saved by a defibrillator at his golf club and Shirley Brokenshaw.

Our congratulations to Shirley and Mike Brokenshaw for this achievement.

Teignmouth Festival of the Seas

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Teignmouth NCI took a stand at this years Teignmouth Science Festival raising our profile in the Town and raising some more money for the new Lookout.

Pictured here with Teignmouth's Lady Mayor June Green are Teignmouth Science Festival volunteers including those from Coastwatch in the middle row.

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