Getting On The Water

Without doubt the cheapest way to get on the water is to sail on someone else's boat but if that is not an option and you want independence then buy a paddle/body/surf/windsurf board. Next up would be a kayak, sailing dingy or small motor boat ... all the way up to a yacht or motor cruiser.

If you want plenty of good healthy exercise and like to be part of a team, you could join the River Teign Rowing Club or the Teign Scullers Rowing Club.

In short there are options for pretty much every budget but if we have one piece of advice to give to all water users it is - take the appropriate RYA course before you buy anything and certainly before you go out on the water on your own.

On these pages we plan to include articles from those with experience of getting on the water.

Articles about taking up surfing, windsurfing, kayaking or dinghy sailing would be especially appreciated. Please email them to us @ Webmaster.

If none of the above appeals there are some boats which can be chartered.

Boat Charter and Cruises

Devon Sea Safari - Teignmouth Rib Tour Experience -

Teign Dive Centre

Teign Boat Hire

Restless - charter and cruises -

Atlantis II - a 35ft registered fishing boat

Although we see many of these boats on a regular basis this listing should not be construed as a recommendation.

Launch Sites

The only craft that can be launched directly from the beach are those that can be carried - boards, kayaks and small inflatables. All other craft have to be launched from either Polly Steps or Gales Hill.

Map of Teignmouth showing launch sites

Click the image for a larger version

A launch site is also available at Coombe Cellars, two miles upriver from Shaldon, which is suitable for small craft and dinghies and is mainly used by the local water ski club, the dinghy sailing club and windsurfers.

Teignmouth Harbour Notice to Mariners* requests that all power-driven craft should be registered before launching. Registration forms are available from the Harbour Office and the car park attendendant at Polly Steps, Teign Diving Centre or SeaSports SW. The form can also be downloaded as the Watercraft Registration Form* from the Harbour Master's website. Operators of non-powered craft are encouraged to register at their discretion.

*Please note that both these links are to the Harbour Commission website and will open in a new window.

All craft are required to maintain a safe speed not exceeding 6 Knots in the harbour. They must comply with the Collision Regulations and must keep clear of commercial vessels.

PWC's may not operate in the harbour other than to transit between Polly Steps and the harbour entrance and may only do so between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

For further information about Teignmouth Harbour, download the Water Users guide from the Harbour Website.

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