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Recruitment of new Watchkeepers - October 2020

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak we are conducting watches with just one watchkeeper and have had to suspend the training of new watchkeepers until we can have a trainer and a trainee safely in the Lookout together.

Our Training Officer is presently working on a series of Powerpoint presentations covering theoretical topics which don't necessarily have to taught in the Lookout. It is hoped that by teaching some of the theory in advance we will be able to shorten the practical element of training.

We still welcome new applicants and anyone who applies will be added to our waiting list until such time as we are able to resume training.

An enquiry form can be found at the bottom of this page but please read the charter document carefully to make sure that you are comfortable with the commitment required,

Want to be a Watchkeeper?

NCI Watchkeepers are the ears and eyes along the coast, keeping a visual watch, monitoring marine radio channels, using radar and providing a listening watch in poor visibility.

Watchkeepers remain vigilant at all times. Surveillance work is mainly routine but NCI volunteers are trained to act in an emergency, report to the MCA and co-ordinate with the search and rescue services.

An accurate log of all activities is kept and local sea and weather conditions passed on to yachtsmen and fishermen who request them. Vulnerable activities such as canoeing, boardsailing, diving, ski-jetting and others are all closely observed and monitored.

NCI Watchkeepers provide the vital link with all emergency services and an emergency contact point for both sea and shore users.

What is your commitment if you join?

If you decide to join us you will be made most welcome. You will be provided with a full training schedule including 'hands on' training watches with experienced watchkeepers.

Training includes tuition on taking bearings, charting latitude and longitude, radio procedures, observation techniques and log work.

Training is non-oppressive and proceeds at a rate to suit your needs.

If at any point you decide NCI is not for you you are free to leave at any time.

You will be expected to volunteer for an average of 3 watches a month in each quarter. This should include one weekend watch.

Watches are of 3 hour duration in Summer. Watch Days start at 0900 and conclude at 1800.

Winter watches vary between two and three hours starting at 0900 and close at 1600. In the event of an emergency the watch would continue until the 'stand down' is given.

Watchkeepers are also expected to volunteer for at least one collection duty at a local venue per year.

Our uniform is simple, consisting of dark trousers and a white pilot shirt with epaulettes defining rank.

You will be expected to attend the monthly members meeting whenever possible. Some of these take the form of training sessions other have a guest speaker but all have a convivial social aspect to them with a bar and the opportunity to meet colleagues.

Still not sure?

Unfortunately, due to covid, we can not invite you into the Lookout but why not spend a moment viewing the 'Welcome To Teignmouth NCI' slideshow in PDF Format.

Please email us @ Membership with any questions or for further information .

Made the decision to join? Download, complete and return an enquiry form

Enquiry form Word Docx format or PDF Format

Download a copy of the volunteer charter PDF Format. This is for information only at this stage it does not need to be returned until training starts

Applications and training plans are considered each monthly meeting.

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