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Newton Abbot Flower Festival

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Teignmouth NCI is delighted to have been acknowledged, and celebrated, by Newton Abbot Flower Club at their flower festival this weekend.

This lovely display uses the blue and yellow colours of our logo to acknowledge the role of NCI, and the Coastguard, in watching over all users of our seas and beaches.

DFS Renewed 2022

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Following our Declared Facility Status (DFS) assessment last week, we are proud to say that we retained that status.

A DFS is required by HM Coastguard for an NCI Station to be fully integrated with the UK Search and Rescue (SAR) organisation. This year, April 7th was the date for the annual review of our status and once again it turned out to be a successful day for Teignmouth NCI.

Retaining our status means we have demonstrated the necessary competencies, and skills, to continue to work in partnership with the other Search and Rescue (SAR) services.

The assessor spent over six hours in the lookout observing the skills of the watchkeepers from two consecutive watches. At the end of the visit, he had no hesitation in recommending that Teignmouth NCI should continue to hold it's Declared Facility Status.

He described the station as being happy and efficiently run and he complemented the Station Manager on her comprehensive knowledge and excellent leadership skills. He also praised our excellent training programme, making specific mention of how that has been kept going throughout Covid restrictions.

All in all an excellent day - well done Teignmouth NCI.

The Ness House Hotel

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We are delighted to have been selected by the Ness House Hotel to be their chosen charity!

Owned by Hall and Woodhouse, Ness House has a great menu and, if you would like a delicious meal then try their Steak & Tanglefoot pie.

Not only is it delicious but, for each pie ordered you'll be supporting Teignmouth NCI as well, as a donation is made to our funds from the sale of each pie!


SS Schiller

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Last Thursday our Members enjoyed a talk from local poet and published author, Ian Royce-Chamberlain on the fascinating story of the German origin freight and passenger ferry SS Schiller. The Schiller was wrecked on rocks off the Isles of Scilly in 1875 and the talk was entitled 'Not Forgotten - Nicht Vergessen'.

He was accompanied by his partner Viginia Griem a local painter, potter and illustrator, her illustrations accompanied the talk alongside the story and poems, beautifully read by both.

There is also a booklet of the story available for £6 including postage. If you would like to order a copy, please contact our Social Secretary using the link below:

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National Coastwatch Day

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Saturday the 28th August 2021 is National Coastwatch Day. A day to celebrate and promote the voluntary work done by all NCI stations in helping to preserve life at sea and along the coast.

Sadly, this year with the COVID pandemic ongoing, Teignmouth station is unable to welcome any visitors to our lookout. We are now able to gradually return to having 2 watchkeepers on duty, an enormous step forward from all the solo watches of the last 14 months.

Whilst we can't welcome any visitors at the moment we keenly anticipate the day we will be able to.

We should like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us over the years with donations, both monetary and in goods for raffle prizes, books etc. Thank you to each and every one of you, without you we woukdn't be able to carry on.

Raise your glass to celebrate the fact that Teignmouth station has been open and acting as 'Eyes along the Coast' for the last 27 years. Here's to the next 27!

Surfers Against Sewage

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Surfers Against Sewage publish a really handy online map (and smartphone app) showing where and, perhaps more importantly, where it is not safe to swim or surf. On the present map (August 2021) there are two markers for Teignmouth and one for Shaldon.

The Teignmouth marker to the north of the pier is in the wrong place. It relates to the beach at Holcombe between Sprey Point and the Parson and Clerk. SAS are updating their map but in the meantime just bear that in mind when looking for a safe place to swim.

Please remember to check this map before swimming, particularly after heavy rain as this is when sewers may be discharged into the sea.

Donate Unwanted Books

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Declutter you home and raise money for Teignmouth NCI

To mark World Book Day on the 4th March, Ziffit (a company that buys second hand books) teamed up with Virgin Giving to allow charities to raise funds through the sale of unwanted books.

The Ziffit/Vrgin Giving scheme for World Book Day has resulted in a number of lots of books being sold with the proceeds coming directly to us.

Although you have missed World Book Day, you can still donate books, CDs DVDs and games. The link below will take you straight to a Ziffit page already loaded with our Teignmouth details.

Simply enter the code/ISBN number of the books you wish to sell and you will be given a purchase price. You need a minimum of £5 in you 'sold' box to complete the transaction. There are easy to follow instructions on the web page.

To donate books click here to visit the website.

Changes to the Shipping Forecast

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From Monday (18 January) there are some changes for the foreseeable future to the way the BBC will broadcast the UK Marine Weather Service – including the Shipping Forecast – owing to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

On weekdays, there will be three broadcasts on LW and FM, 0048, 0520 and 1203, with one further broadcast on LW only at 1754.

At the weekends, there will be three broadcasts, all on LW and FM at 0048, 0520 and 1754.

Her Majesty’s Coastguard will be broadcasting as normal via NAVTEX and MF/VHF marine radio.

Strong wind and gale warnings will still be available as and when needed.

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