Weather Statistics

Our weatherstation and associated software produce a range of weather statistics. We don't understand everything that the system produces but we hope this page will be informative.

We'll add more to this page as time permits.

The images are updated every day just after midnight.

Larger versions are available for some of these graphics. This is indicated below each graphic.

Pressure, Temperature, Humidity - Last 31 days

Barometer last 31 days

Hi/Lo Temps last 31 days Humidity last 31 days

Wind - Last 31 days

Avg Windspeed last 31 daysAvg Wind Direction last 31 days

Wind and Direction

Percent Dir

Click the graphic for a larger version

Rainfall - Various periods

Yesterdays Rain Todays Rain Weeks Rain Months Rain Years Rain

Rainfall last 31 days Rainfall last 12 months

Rain Detail

Click the graphic for a larger version

Indoor Temperature

Indoor Temp last 24 hrs

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