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Whether you live locally or are just visiting there is a lot to do by the sea. On these pages we try to help you to get the best out of being beside the sea in Teignmouth and Shaldon.


Town Beach

This is the largest and main beach of Teignmouth. It stretches from Holcombe in the North-East, in front of the NCI Lookout at Eastcliff, borders the town, to the pier and on to The Point in the South-West.

Town Beach NNE

This is the beach looking North-East from Eastcliff towards Sprey Point, Holcombe and the Parson and Clerk.

Town Beach SSW

This is the beach looking South-West from Eastcliff towards the pier.

Point From Ness

This is the view of the Town Beach at The Point from Shaldon Beach at the mouth of the Teign Estuary. It was taken at a low of a spring tide and shows the narrowness of the channel at this tide state.

For more information see: Teignmouth Town Beach.

River Beach

Back Beach

Also known locally as the Back Beach. It stretches from the heart of the town to The Point. It is a working beach not suitable for swimming.

Here you can see the local small fishing boats and gigs. You can take boat trips, hire boats and other water craft and you can cross to Shaldon on the ferry.

Afterwards you can repair to the local pubs and restaurants on its shore.

For more information see: Teignmouth River Beach.

Shaldon Beach

Shaldon Beach

Shaldon Beach is a sandy and pebble beach in the heart of the village, close to shops and refreshments. It can be reached by the Teignmouth to Shaldon Ferry from Teignmouth River Beach.

Swimming is definitely not recommended because of the very strong tides in the harbour entrance.

For more information see: Shaldon Beach.

Shaldon Ness Cove

Shaldon Ness Cove

Shaldon Ness Cove is a secluded and picturesque sand and shingle beach lying at the foot of the magnificent Ness Headland at the mouth of the Teign Estuary.

Access is from the Ness Car Park through the original smugglers tunnel.

Care must be taken going through this tunnel as there are a number of steep steps to negotiate but well worth it when you arrive.

For more information see: Shaldon Ness Cove.

Local Tides, Wind and Dangers

Tides: Even as a beachgoer it pays to understand a little bit about tides so that you don't end up playing King Canute as the tide comes in. This is particularly relevant at Teignmouth because much of the beach is covered at high water. Read our Guide to Tides for more information or see our Webcam for a live view of the tide state on the Town Beach.

Wind: The prevailing wind is West or South West. This means off the land or off-shore on the Town Beach. This can create dangers for inflatable boats and rafts which can easily be swept out to sea by a strong offshore wind. Wind from the East is an on-shore wind on the Town Beach. This is a far safer wind direction for inflatables and small boats but strong easterlies lead to big waves in the shallow harbour entrance particularly when the tide is ebbing (falling). Our Live Weather will give you real time information of the ind speed and direction.

Sand bars and harbour entrance: There is a large area of sandbars in the harbour entrance between the Pier and the Ness. Tidal streams run very rapidly in the harbour entrance channel. When the tide is ebbing, a rip tide flows rapidly out to sea on the pier side of the nearest sand bank. The edge of this bank is steep and dangerous. Walking on these sand bars is hazardous and anyone doing so must have regard to the state of the tide.

What Are All The Yellow Buoys?

Both Teignmouth and Shaldon Ness beaches have areas marked by a line of yellow buoys about 200yds from the shore. In order to protect swimmers, boats are not permitted between the buoys and the shore except in the marked access channel. The access channel is also marked with yellow buoys but these run at right angles to the shore. The access channel at Teignmouth is just south of the Eastcliff Cafe and the Coastwatch Lookout. Boats using the channel should operate at low speed in case swimmers have strayed into the channel. For their own safety, swimmers are encouraged to remain within the buoyed area.

Teignmouth Map Yellow Buoys

For a more comprehensive guide to Teignmouth Harbour and its restrictions see the Water Users guide from the Harbour Website.

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