Air Show Update

Saturday 2nd July, 1300-1800hrs. Teignmouth Air Show. During the aircraft displays, a ‘marine exclusion zone’ for all vessels will be in place. Also restricted access in and out of the harbour. This ‘marine exclusion zone’ will be patrolled by safety boats, who will be monitoring marine VHF channel 72.

For full details click on link to Teignmouth Harbour Commission

Loss of Wind Speed Readings

We are currently experiencing intermittent problems with our anemometer which may result in the wind direction not being recorded correctly. This is especially noticeable when the winds are light.
We are working to fix this and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Buttons Explained

The four lefthand buttons - pressure, wind, rainfall and temperature

Pressing any of these buttons will change the displayed units. For example pressing the wind button will cycle through knots, metres/second, beaufort, kilometres per hour, miles per hour

Records Button

Pressing this button will display the records for the weather station. At the bottom of the list there is a drop down enabling display of records for the month, records for the year and all time records

Graphs Button

Pressing this button brings up a display of weather graphs with a drop down menu for different types of graphs. There are 30 to choose from but please bear in mind that we don't have solar or UV sensors so these graphs will be blank

This page is entirely experimental and may be withdrawn at any time.

The code for the gauges is still Alpha code and we have no control over any changes that may be made

We have added this to the site because quite aside from the rather neat gauges it provides excellent access to a huge range of graphs and weather records

Please enjoy and let us know what you think.

This display is refreshed frequently from the weather station. If you find that the data is not being refreshed or you have any comments please email @ Webmaster and let us know.

Lottery funding

The weather station used on this site was purchased and installed with the help of Lottery Funding.

Caution: Indicated wind speeds

Our Lookout is situated in the lee of the Yacht Club to the NE and rising ground and buildings to the west and south west. Because of these topographic features wind speeds indicated by our anemometer are likely to be less than those that would be found offshore or in the river estuary which tends to funnel westerly winds.

Ultra Violet Index

Currently, we do not have a UV Sensor on our weather station and therefore are not capable of showing the live UV Index (UVI) directly from Eastcliff. However, we do encourage those who are about to use our beaches or go out to sea to check the Teignmouth UVI forecast on the Met Office Weather App or directly from the Met Office UVI Forecast which provides an animated 6-day forecast.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) promotes worldwide UVI awareness through the Intersun Programme a site that explains all. Note that on Teignmouth Beaches the UVI can reach 7 on the WHO scale in mid-summer.

Other nearby NCI Weatherstations

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