Weather Summary and Tides

Live Weather Summary

Summary display will update every two minutes.

More live weather from our weatherstation

Sea Conditions


Times adjusted for BST when appropriate.

Sea Temperature

Sea water temperature

Sea surface temperature directly from Teignmouth.

Sea Surface Temperature for other English towns.

Surf Forecasts

These can be found on the Magicseaweed or the Surf Forecast websites

Met Office Local Weather Forecasts

Met Office

Teignmouth (Town)(Beach)

Met Office

Inshore (Lyme Regis to Lands End)

Met Office

Shipping (Portland)

Specialist Sites

UKHO Easytide - 7 day prediction for Teignmouth New Quay - Warning this site defaults to UTC/GMT - Please adjust for BST if appropriate.

Live weather conditions in Teignmouth  Ant Veal's Teignmouth weather site.

AIS - Automatic Identification System for ships. Use this to identify the ships in the bay.

Dawlish Wave Buoy from the Channel Coastal Observatory website

Wind and Waves - Windfinder Site

Storm surge prediction - Prediction for Plymouth from the National Oceanography Centre

Norwegian Met Institute - fascinating tidal animations for the English Channel and more. Warning animations are based on Norwegian time zone

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