Pete Wilby - Triathlon and open water swimming coaching for everyone

Pete Wilby is the main coach and founder of PeteWilbyTriathlOn. He is a BTF Level 3 triathlon coach, STA Level 2 open water coach, and a professional swim teacher, with a BSc in sports science. He provides online coaching through Training Peaks.

Our coaching aim at PeteWilbyTriathlOn is to support people from the foundations up - physical and mental health with training layered on top. We recognise the health benefits associated with our training and we understand the day-to-day stresses which can affect how we can train. In short, we treat athletes as people, not machines.

In our opinion exercise is best outdoors. Training is simply exercising with a goal in mind. At the core of our values is to make training safe.

We organise adventure swims which take athletes ‘off piste’ and allow people to connect with nature. We organise these between May and October both for groups and smaller private adventurers.

In this period we are also in the sea training every week around a marked-out course. We have groups for adult beginners and more experienced swimmers, together with groups for juniors level one to three.

From May to October we hold a monthly 750m open water time trial on a Wednesday evening at 18:30. This is ideal for beginners and experienced swimmers alike. It is a challenge for everyone.

Throughout the winter we keep the ball rolling in the pool with a weekly squad session focused mainly on front crawl with open water training in mind.

Alongside all of the above, Pete personally teaches and coaches one-to-one both for those completely new to swimming, cycling and running, and for athletes who want some more advanced technical analysis.

PeteWilbyTriathlOn offers open water swimming and triathlon coaching for everyone to take part.

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