Dual Streaming Webcams

Our new webcam page

Our webcams have always been our most popular pages, averaging 20,000 views a month. Used for safety purposes by those who want to see the local conditions before coming to the beach they are also viewed by those from far away who have an attachment to Teignmouth.

We have taken the decision to upgrade the pages to make them fully live and available 24 x 7 but this does come at a cost so if you find our cameras useful, or you just enjoy watching the waves, please consider making a donation

Because the internet to our Lookout is very poor you may experience some occasional buffering. At the moment we are running both the old and new pages but we are planning to turn the old pages off by the end of July which should easy our bandwidth problems.

If anyone has an pull with Openreach or another broadband provider we'd definitely like a better service. At the moment the fibre stops about 150m short of our Lookout

Known issues

  • We do experience some flare on the lens when the sun is full-on from the east and south west.
  • In strong easterly weather conditions the North-East view camera can be affected by sea salt spray which distorts the view.

Enjoy and let us know what you think by email to @ Webmaster.

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