Single Live Webcam at Eastcliff

Coronavirus: Temporary Suspension of NCI Operations

With great reluctance, the Board of Trustees has decided that because of the ongoing Coronavirus situation all NCI station must close all operations from midnight tonight, Wednesday 18th March, until further notice

Our webcam and weather station will remain in operation Because there are no watchkeepers on duty we aren't able to clean the cameras as often as we would wish. Please bear with us.

You can keep in touch via email @ Webmaster.

Recreational Boat Users

Under the current government regulations, you should only be leaving your home for very limited purposes and you must not travel unnecessarily. These rules must be applied to recreational boat users.

As far as recreational use of vessels is concerned, it is not considered to be essential and those who break the new laws could be fined for doing so.

For more details about what you can and can't do, click here

For more information from the RYA, click here

Image not currently available. Please be patient it should return soon.

Please consider making a donation

If you find our webcams valuable please consider making a donation. Donations can be made at the Lookout, collecting boxes in shops around the area or by credit card/PayPal via Virgin Giving

About the webcams

The webcams are online displaying live images following a daily schedule from dawn until dusk.

The cameras nominally update the image every 2 seconds (If using Firefox, you may need to reload current page (Ctrl+F5) manually for this to work). Their ability to maintain this update frequency is dependent upon the quality of the connection from your browser to the website. If you view over a high speed broadband connection you will see regular updates. On the other hand if you view over a poor 3G connection from mobile or tablet you will miss updates or in the worst case see no updates at all.

Known issues

We see some flare on the lens when the sun is full-on from the east and south west.

In strong easterly weather conditions the North-East view camera can be affected by sea salt spray which distorts the view.

Enjoy and let us know what you think by email to @ Webmaster.

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