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Good Neighbour

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Good Neighbour News crossword competition winner Sonia Mistely nominated Teignmouth NCI as the charity for a donation.

Sonia prsented a cheque for £100 to Watchkeepers Dennis Clarke and Vida Bamforth at our Lookout.

Potential danger

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Working with Teignbridge District Council (TDC), Teignmouth NCI are pleased to advise that a potential danger to the public has been removed.

At low tide a potentially dangerous metal spike was spotted adjacent to one of the groynes directly in front of our watchtower, that could have caused serious injury to swimmers and surfers or damage to inflatables.

The ‘spike’ identified by Teignmouth NCI, was cut out by TDC contractors on 20th May when the low spring tide allowed maximum working time

A fine example of local organisations working together for the benefit of all!

Unexpected Catch

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The Teignmouth based trawler TH117 Girl Rona had an unexpected catch on Monday 25th March, a 1939 WW2 mine.

The trawler returned to Teignmouth and sat a mile off the coast while the Coastguards liaised with the Royal Navy.

A rib from the Royal Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team was launched from the quay to liaise at sea with the trawler.

The mine casing contained no explosive, but the detonator was intact and removed.

The mine was then deemed to be on longer a treat.

It was brought into the harbour quay by the trawler for disposal by TDC

Met Office visit

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A party of 16 Teignmouth NCI Watchkeepers visited the Met Office facility in Exeter.

The section of the operations room that handles the shipping and inshore water forecast use our webcams as a reference point for information gathering. They were interested in that they can view the actual weather conditions from our weather station and intend to do so in the future.

A very interesting and informative visit. Many thanks to the staff at the Met Office.

OLSP visit

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On Wednesday 6 February we were delighted to welcome 22 pupils, and their teachers, from Our Lady & St. Patrick’s Primary School to the Lookout.

They are all working on a project about “Our Coast” and combined the day with a visit to the Lifeboat Station.

The children enjoyed using our binoculars and were given information on our role from Watchkeeper's Glynn and Mike who were on duty.

We suggested that if they produced some pictures as a result of their visit there would be a prize for the best.

Teignmouth Council Awards

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On the evening of 28th January at Bitton House, Station Manager Eddy Stephenson & his wife Tricia were guests of Teignmouth Town Mayor, Councillor June Green, at her recognition reception.

Nominated by Deputy Mayor, Councillor Robert Phipps, Teignmouth NCI were among a number of local organisations and individuals that were recognised for their contribution to the community.

The certificate confirming this prestigious award will be displayed in the Lookout.

2018 Another busy year

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Teignmouth NCI Watchkeepers carried out a total of 16,650 hours of service over 365 days, including Christmas day during 2018.

During the 2 snow storms, we only closed for 3 watches in total across both storms.

We undertake 3 watches per day with 2 Watchkeepers on each watch. During July and August, we undertake an additional 4th watch between 18:00 and 20:00hrs.

HMRC VAT Agreement

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After a long campaign NCI has reached an agreement with HMRC that will ensure that the Institution VAT payments for the previous three years will be refunded.

This agreement also means that future VAT incurred as part of our Search and Rescue role will be recoverable.

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