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Search and Rescue Exercise

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On the evening of Thursday 28th September we ran a Search and Rescue Exercise using VHF Channel 65. Five watchkeepers from Teignmouth NCI worked with TS Canonteign who with their RIB, dropped a man-overboard-mannikin on 5 occasions, 1.5 miles offshore. They were then guided by radio instructions from NCI onto the casualty for retrieval.

Two Sea Cadets were hosted in the NCI Lookout and observed the 5 separate procedures.

This proved a very useful exercise for both parties.

Grateful thanks to TS Canonteign for their involvement.

Battle of Britain Commemoration

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Members of Teignmouth NCI attended the Wreath Laying Ceremony for the Battle of Britain Commemoration at the War Memorial, Teignmouth, organised by Mick Flory of RAFA.

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor, our MP, local dignatories, cadets from the Royal Air Force and TS Canonteign.

Mayoral Visit

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Following a meeting with a Watchkeeper at the Teignmouth Council BBQ, the mayor expressed an interest in visiting the Lookout.

He was invited and accepted an invitation to a Saturday 'D' Watch that was one of those wet and windy evenings.

He came back with mayoress Nikki on 31 August, a much better evening, when they were introduced to our kit and generally appreciated our facility.

Picture shows Paul & Nikki with Teignmouth NCI Station Manager Eddy Stephenson.

Visit to HM Coastguard National Maritime Operations Centre - Fareham

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Tuesday 28 March saw eighteen Teignmouth members set off in a variety of vehicles for a visit to the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) at Fareham.

Since the reorganisation of HM Coastguard in November 2015 NMOC has been Teignmouth's point of contact with HMCG following the closure of Brixham.

It was a fascinating experience, we were initially given a broad outline of the current functionality of the facility and then taken into the Operations Room to spend some quality time with the folk at the sharp end of things. First impressions on entry were of a massive wall screen that indicated the current status of Search & Rescue activity around the UK. The front desk was occupied by The Commander in overall charge surrounded by numerous “pods” of screens with operations staff watching and working at computer terminals.

Beached Cetacean

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Our watchkeepers contacted the authorities when the body of this cetacean was discovered on the beach at Eastcliff, just below the yacht club on Saturday morning.

All beached mammals are the property of the Crown and after consultation between the Coastguard and representatives of Teignbridge Council the body was removed for further investigation. The exact type of mammal is not confirmed but it may have been a young Harbour Porpoise. There was a quantity of rope and a marker buoy nearby and it is possible that the poor creature became entangled.

Border Force

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It is comforting to see that the Border Force are keeping their 'eyes along the coast' too.

John Silverman, a regular Teignmouth Post columnist, came into the Lookout to take this photograph of HMC Seeker, the Border Force Cutter.

One of the duty watchkeepers managed to take the photograph below through one of our scopes with his mobile!

border force

Teignmouth NCI at the TAAG

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Teignmouth NCI takes part in the Community Organisations Exhibition at the TAAG Arts and Community Centre, 4/5 Northumberland Place, Teignmouth

From January 9th 2017 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm until January 20th.

Free Dolphin Display

On Wednesday 7th December the watch keepers in the NCI lookout at Eastcliff were treated to a fantastic aquatic display courtesy of a pod of 3 bottlenose dolphins. The pod was sighted at about 14:00 approximately half a mile South East of the lookout. The dolphins were initially making their way North East toward Dawlish but paused for about 15 minutes. During this time they not only swam in a circle, frequently ‘breaking the water’ but also played ‘follow the leader’ and taking turns to leap entirely out of the water and returning into a dive. In contrast, it was interesting to note that the people walking along the sea wall were completely oblivious to this spectacle.

The activity was recorded and reported to Brixham Seawatch. The theory for their activity is that they were a breakaway group of adolescent males temporarily away from the main pod who had 'gone fishing' by diving deep, disturbing the sea bed and also playing and 'showing off' to each other.

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