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Teignmouth NCI at the TAAG

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Teignmouth NCI takes part in the Community Organisations Exhibition at the TAAG Arts and Community Centre, 4/5 Northumberland Place, Teignmouth

From January 9th 2017 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm until January 20th.

Free Dolphin Display

On Wednesday 7th December the watch keepers in the NCI lookout at Eastcliff were treated to a fantastic aquatic display courtesy of a pod of 3 bottlenose dolphins. The pod was sighted at about 14:00 approximately half a mile South East of the lookout. The dolphins were initially making their way North East toward Dawlish but paused for about 15 minutes. During this time they not only swam in a circle, frequently ‘breaking the water’ but also played ‘follow the leader’ and taking turns to leap entirely out of the water and returning into a dive. In contrast, it was interesting to note that the people walking along the sea wall were completely oblivious to this spectacle.

The activity was recorded and reported to Brixham Seawatch. The theory for their activity is that they were a breakaway group of adolescent males temporarily away from the main pod who had 'gone fishing' by diving deep, disturbing the sea bed and also playing and 'showing off' to each other.

2016 Christmas Cards

Four members of Teignmouth Art Group with their designs
Margaret, Diana, Joyce and Jane with their designs.

Members of Teignmouth Art Society have once again generously donated their original artwork to Teignmouth Coastwatch for this year's Christmas Cards.

Last year's cards were so successful we approached them again and the five designs they submitted were so good the members couldn't decide between them - so we printed all five. The cards can be viewed in our lookout at Eastcliff, Teignmouth. Proceeds from the sales will go to Friends of Teignmouth Coastwatch, a recently formed group raising funds for the equipment essential to our maintaining an effective lookout station.

We have been in our new lookout for over a year now and welcome visitors except when we are dealing with an emergency. We are open during daylight hours 365 days a year.

Seal Ho!

The morning watch on Friday 18th spotted what they thought was a dead seal about 10 metres off the beach. Unable to get hold of either the Teignmouth Beach Manager or Dolphin Watch they decided to ring the RSPCA for help and advice. Whilst doing this the seal woke up and happily swam away.

Coastwatch - looking out for all water users!

Update Saturday 19th: Seal pup on the beach at Shaldon being monitored by a Marine Mammal Medic from British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

May not have been our seal but it seems distinctly possible. We contacted BDMLR and they were particularly interested that we saw no sign of the mother.

The pup is likely to be taken to a seal sanctuary today as it appears 'very quiet' and there are concerns for it.

Update Monday 21st: The pup was taken to the RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre at Taunton on Saturday.

Watchkeepers' Beach Games

Walkers along Teignmouth sea front on Wednesday evening were treated to some free entertainment courtesy of Coastwatch watchkeepers running around the beach pretending to be casualties or lifeboats.

One of the skills watchkeepers have to acquire is the ability to direct a lifeboat onto a casualty in the water using vhf radio. Without practice this isn't a simple task involving as it does bearings, distances and good radio proceedures.

We can't always practice with the lifeboat and having watchkeepers running around the beach being directed by other watchkeepers in the Lookout is a simple alternative and good fun for the spectators.

Humber Fayre

On our stall at the Humber Fayre on Sunday 3rd July we ran a competition to guess the number of pieces of lego in a jar.

The winner was Vicky who guessed 487 which was very, very close to the actual answer which was 491.

The competition raised £66 - thank you all.

Jolie Brise to visit Teignmouth

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Jolie Brise, the world famous, gaff-rigged pilot cutter is due to visit Teignmouth en route from Hamble to Plymouth.

She is due to leave Hamble on Saturday 21st May and arrive in Plymouth on Wednesday 25th May - visiting Teignmouth at 16:00 on 22nd of May.

Jolie Brise was the last boat to carry the royal mail under sail and has won the Fastnet Race three times, including the inaugural race in 1925. In 2015 she was the overall winner of the Tall Ships Races.

Dauntsey's school sailing club had been leasing the vessel from Exeter Maritime museum and the International Sailing Craft Association since 1997. The club has owned the vessel outright since 2003.

This is not Jolie Brise's first visit to Teignmouth. In 1927 the Morgan Giles yard fitted an engine and an additional cabin.

Jolie Brise can be tracked in real time on interactive map

Call us on VHF Channel 65

With the boating season now well underway it is time to remind all boaters that we can be called on Channel 65  anytime between 0900 - 1800 for radio checks and information about weather conditions.  Unfortunately due to copyright constraints we are not permitted to repeat met office forecasts.

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