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Aerial view: East Cliff Cafe, the new Lookout and Teign Corinthinian YC
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Friday 17th April 2015

Sorry we have had no photos for a while but holes in the ground aren't very photogenic!

The foundations were not as straight forward as we had hoped and we have had to both dig deeper and create a reinforced concrete base.  The concrete ring beam under the old Lookout was found to be suffering from concrete cancer (caused by salt) and has had to be replaced. All this is now behind us and the concrete for the ring beam was poured on Friday.

Just to demonstrate how unphotegenic things have been here is a photograph of the reinforcement to the ring beam!

Progress from now on will be much more obviously visible.

Build Week 8 - w/c 20th April 2015

With the foundations finally complete a lot has happened this week.

Blockwork complete.

Blockwork ready for the steel grillage.

First lift scaffolding.

Steel grillage in place - now we are really getting somewhere!

Week 9 - w/c 27th April 2015

Highlight of this week has been the arrival of the CCTV mast. A CCTV mounted on top of this will enable us to see the channel over the top of the pier.

Week 10 - w/c 4th May 2015

Roof on. Now for the walls and windows

The roof is on. Now for some walls and windows.

Image we expect to get from CCTV

The view we expect to see over the pier with our CCTV camera.

The floor being laid.

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