Logging and identifying vessels is an essential part of the role of an NCI Watchkeeper. It enables us to respond quickly and with confidence when a vessel gets into trouble or we receive a call from the Coastguard asking for information about a particular vessel. Watchkeepers typically log each year 7000-8000 vessels of all shapes and sizes, from warships to rowng boats.

Incidents are logged and classified either as 'nationally reported', which generally means an incident involving the Coastguard, or 'locally reported' for less significant incidents such as calling an ambulance in a non-life-threatening situation.

Watchkeepers have recorded 53 incidents since January 2015 of which 4 have been recorded in 2021.

Incident Reports (January 2017 - May 2016)

Incident Date
Incident Report
8th January 2017
Watchkeepers became concerned when they saw black smoke coming from a launch. They Informed Solent CG (Coast Guard) of the problem with the position of the launch. Solent CG tasked Teignmouth lifeboat to investigate. The watchkeepers assisted by guiding the lifeboat to the site. The launch reported that they had no problem - saying the smoke was from an adjacent trawler which was obscured at time of reporting. A member of the public also came into Lookout to report the smoke. Incident concluded with Solent CG thanking watch keepers.
20th November 2016
During the morning watch, watchkeepers observed a boat ashore and apparently abandoned on the Ness Rocks. This was believed to be the result of the overnight Storm Angus. It was reported to the Harbour Master. Later Solent CG (Coast Guard) requested that watchkeepers maintain watch for a ‘Plymouth Pilot’ type boat reported missing from Brixham. Watchkeepers advised Solent CG that the boat ashore on the Ness matched the missing one in some respects but it was not possible to definitively identify. They offered to guide Teignmouth CRT (Coastguard Rescue Team) to the site, which was accepted and executed. At the conclusion of the operation Teignmouth CRT visited the Lookout and reported that the boat, badly damaged and holed, was not the missing boat but a local Teignmouth vessel.
27th October 2016
Motor boat with 3 adults and 2 children suffered engine failure in harbour. Watchkeepers contacted Harbour Master by phone. Harbour Master arranged to tow vessel to safety at Polly Steps.
29th September 2016
Informed CG that 'upturned boat' reported by member of the public was in fact a dead whale. Confirmed by Teignmouth LB.
20th September 2016
Reported empty diving rib close to traffic lane to both CG and Harbour Master. Updated when unattended diver surfaced and returned to shore.
8th September 2016
Provided accurate position of capsized yacht to CG. Helicopter and LB rescued 2 crew and recovered vessel.
23rd August 2016
Reported disabled speed boat under tow by RIB to CG. Teignmouth LB attended to tow in safely.
31st July 2016
Partially sighted pedestrian knocked down by reversing car below Lookout observed by Watchkeeper. Ambulance called and Watchkeeper remained with group until Paramedic arrived. Good news that Pedestrian was checked over by Paramedic and cleared to return to hotel.
20th July 2016
The search initiated by CG this morning, when a MOP reported a boat in trouble, was in progress when we opened up this morning. Immediate contact with CG letting them know we had visual line of sight on Long Quarry and Hopes Nose, the search area, resulted in us being asked to maintain a visual watch and advise of anything we spotted.
4th May 2016
Tasked by CG to keep a lookout for vessel leaving Dartmouth and heading east. CG concerned about the safety of the vessel. To advise CG if vessel sighted.
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