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Humber Fayre

On our stall at the Humber Fayre on Sunday 3rd July we ran a competition to guess the number of pieces of lego in a jar.

The winner was Vicky who guessed 487 which was very, very close to the actual answer which was 491.

The competition raised £66 - thank you all.

Jolie Brise to visit Teignmouth

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Jolie Brise, the world famous, gaff-rigged pilot cutter is due to visit Teignmouth en route from Hamble to Plymouth.

She is due to leave Hamble on Saturday 21st May and arrive in Plymouth on Wednesday 25th May - visiting Teignmouth at 16:00 on 22nd of May.

Jolie Brise was the last boat to carry the royal mail under sail and has won the Fastnet Race three times, including the inaugural race in 1925. In 2015 she was the overall winner of the Tall Ships Races.

Dauntsey's school sailing club had been leasing the vessel from Exeter Maritime museum and the International Sailing Craft Association since 1997. The club has owned the vessel outright since 2003.

This is not Jolie Brise's first visit to Teignmouth. In 1927 the Morgan Giles yard fitted an engine and an additional cabin.

Jolie Brise can be tracked in real time on interactive map

Call us on VHF Channel 65

With the boating season now well underway it is time to remind all boaters that we can be called on Channel 65  anytime between 0900 - 1800 for radio checks and information about weather conditions.  Unfortunately due to copyright constraints we are not permitted to repeat met office forecasts.

MTS Victory

For those that have been wondering about the tug towing a large cube shaped object round and round near the Orestone for the last week we have an answer.

The tug is MTS Victory and towing a concrete caisson. Her destination is Devonport. She was due there a couple of weeks ago but on her due arrival date Devonport was closed to all vessels as a number of submarines were either in port, arriving or leaving.

Victory is due to make her way to Devonport 'within the next few days'.

Upturned Boat on the Beach

With two incidents in October we might have expected November to be quieter but watchkeepers found an upturned open boat washed up below the Yacht Club. Solent Coast Guard were advised, adding it to their "lost and found" log. The local CG team turned out to haul the boat up the beach.

Incidents October 2015

2nd October - The RIB 'Doc Martin'

The RIB 'Doc Martin' got into difficulties entering harbour when she lost her steering. Although the sea was calm, the waters in the estuary mouth were truly horrible. The RIB had been logged earlier when she left harbour and, returning a short while later, was logged as entering again. Within a few moments she reappeared and gave all the appearance of behaving like a jet ski where the rider is 'playing' with the surf. Within seconds she put out a 'May Day' Watchkeepers made immediate phone contact with Solent and advised that they had visual on the RIB and were able to give her position and maintain a running commentary as Solent put out a call for any vessel in the vicinity to go to her aid. Thankfully, 'Teign C' was dredging at the Point and responded immediately, managing to get a line aboard and tow 'Doc Martin' into calm water in front of the lookout before transferring all 3 of those on board. The RIB was then towed into Teignmouth where it was discovered that her steering cable had snapped.

9th October - Unmanned motor launch washed up

Watchkeepers observed a motor launch drifting on the tide towards Teignmouth from the Parson and Clerk for a couple of hours. At first it was thought that she was fishing. When no one had been visible on board for over an hour and she was starting to drift inshore, Solent Coastguard were alerted and advised of watchkeepers' concerns. Before Solent took action the boat got caught in a strong current and headed rapidly for the beach.

Teignmouth station manager, Eddy Stephenson and retired NCI Trustee, Jim Hay, were visiting the Lookout at the time.

Eddy and Jim went into hands-on action and managed to prevent damage to the launch until the lifeboat arrived. Thankfully there was no one ill or injured on board, the cabin door was locked and the outboard motor stowed neatly inside. The boat had broken her moorings somewhere in the Exe and simply had herself a lazy ‘awayday’ drifting with the tide.

Eddy and Jim get "hands on" with the crew from "The Two Annes"

"The Two Annes" take the casualty in tow

Officially Open

The new Lookout was officially opened today (20th September 2015) by the High Sheriff of Devon, Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent KCB CBE.
Eddy Stephenson (Teignmouth Station Manager) introducing Sir James and NCI Chairman of Trustees Alan Richards

...more on the New Lookout - Project Diary page

VHF Channel 65

Following reports that vessels calling us on Channel 65 have been unable to hear our replies we have carried out a number of tests. We have successfully communicated with the dredger Teign C operating in the channel by the pier and a vessel in the Exe. We therefore conclude that our set is working however it has to be remembered that VHF is essentially "line of site" and with the present low level of our aerials we are probably heavily screened from vessels in the estuary. Our reception will obviously improve when we move to the new Lookout.

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