Logging and identifying vessels is an essential part of the role of an NCI Watchkeeper. It enables us to respond quickly and with confidence when a vessel gets into trouble or we receive a call from the Coastguard asking for information about a particular vessel. Watchkeepers typically log each year 7000-8000 vessels of all shapes and sizes, from warships to rowng boats.

Incidents are logged and classified either as 'nationally reported', which generally means an incident involving the Coastguard, or 'locally reported' for less significant incidents such as calling an ambulance in a non-life-threatening situation.

Watchkeepers recorded 40 incidents since January 2015 of which 0 are recorded in 2020.

Incident Reports (August 2017 - October 2016)

Incident Date
Incident Report
10th August 2017
Call received from broken down vessel with one adult and one child on board approximately 4Nm off shore. We responded by VHF twice. The vessel did not acknowledge our responses and subsequently called HMCG on channel 16 providing the CG with their co-ordinates. We had a visual fix on the vessel and were able to confirm the position to the CG. CG requested launch from Teignmouth ILB and the casualty was towed into harbour. We tested our radio on another vessel immediately after the incident and found it to be working correctly.
16th July 2017
We were contacted by Exmouth NCI this afternoon who had been called by a boat heading for the Exmouth marina. The boat had picked up a stray tender with 'Teignmouth' written on it. Obviously they thought this might belong to someone on our patch! We contacted the Teignmouth Harbour Master with contact details for the person reporting the incident. The Harbour Master later reported that the owner of the tender had been located.
6th July 2017
A gentleman cutting grass at Spray Point (A location about half a mile from the Lookout and the nearest road) fell and injured a leg. Watchkeepers, advised of the situation by a member of the public, contacted Solent CG, CG shore rescue team were mobilised and recovered casualty to waiting ambulance at Eastcliff.
22nd April 2017
RED RIB with eight persons on board sited approx. 300mtrs off Lookout with engine failure. Occupants attempting to row ashore making minimal progress due to sea conditions. Teignmouth NCI alerted UKCG who issued PAN PAN for any vessel assistance. RTRC Safety RIB, UKBF Cutter Nimrod and Teignmouth Harbour Master responded. Casualty now ashore. Casualty towed into Teignmouth Harbour by Harbour Master.
22nd April 2017
Phone call from a local yachtsman who had planned to sail to Torquay but discovered engine problems and decided to return to Teignmouth. He phoned to ask us to keep an eye, in case he got into difficulties. We watched a yacht making slow progress from the Ore Stone region. As he neared Teignmouth I phoned back to check it was him. I left a message and half an hour later the gentleman phoned to say he was safely moored and to thank us for watching him.
16th April 2017
RIB with engine failure approximately 1.5 miles ESE of Lookout called NCI by mobile telephone. Duty watchkeeper alerted HMCG who requested NCI to ask the casualty to call HMCG direct on 999. Watchkeeper maintained phone contact with casualty throughout to reassure him that action was in hand. HMCG alerted Torbay CRT who came to the Lookout and eventually advised HMCG to request lifeboat launch. Teignmouth Lifeboat recovered casualty to Polly Steps. Casualty contacted us later by text expressing his appreciation to Teignmouth NCI for their help.
1st April 2017
Angling Charter vessel “Kraken” reported engine failure close to Port Buoy at mouth of River Teign. NCI alerted Teignmouth Harbour Master & HM Coastguard. Request issued by HM Coastguard for assistance from any vessel in vicinity. Local vessel “Finesse” offered assistance and commenced tow into Teignmouth Port Difficult tow on an ebbing spring tide. NCI maintained contact and observation until vessel safely into port.
8th January 2017
Watchkeepers became concerned when they saw black smoke coming from a launch. They Informed Solent CG (Coast Guard) of the problem with the position of the launch. Solent CG tasked Teignmouth lifeboat to investigate. The watchkeepers assisted by guiding the lifeboat to the site. The launch reported that they had no problem - saying the smoke was from an adjacent trawler which was obscured at time of reporting. A member of the public also came into Lookout to report the smoke. Incident concluded with Solent CG thanking watch keepers.
20th November 2016
During the morning watch, watchkeepers observed a boat ashore and apparently abandoned on the Ness Rocks. This was believed to be the result of the overnight Storm Angus. It was reported to the Harbour Master. Later Solent CG (Coast Guard) requested that watchkeepers maintain watch for a ‘Plymouth Pilot’ type boat reported missing from Brixham. Watchkeepers advised Solent CG that the boat ashore on the Ness matched the missing one in some respects but it was not possible to definitively identify. They offered to guide Teignmouth CRT (Coastguard Rescue Team) to the site, which was accepted and executed. At the conclusion of the operation Teignmouth CRT visited the Lookout and reported that the boat, badly damaged and holed, was not the missing boat but a local Teignmouth vessel.
27th October 2016
Motor boat with 3 adults and 2 children suffered engine failure in harbour. Watchkeepers contacted Harbour Master by phone. Harbour Master arranged to tow vessel to safety at Polly Steps.
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