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Operating from our Lookout at Eastcliff, volunteer watchkeepers keep a lookout for persons or vessels in distress or difficulty. You can read more about us below.

We are currently on watch 7 days a week from 0900 to 1630hrs.

Watchkeepers will be working solo which, together with current safety requirements, means the lookout will not be open to visitors. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

You can keep in touch via email @ Webmaster.

With our website we aim to be the primary source of information about all things maritime in Teignmouth.

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Flag Meanings
Jul 30 2020
Re-opening details
Jun 12 2020
No Beach Lifeguards
May 23 2020
Station Closed
Mar 16 2020

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For information about the construction of our new lookout see the New Lookout - Project Diary page.

Eyes along the coast

We are here to keep an eye out for you when you venture out onto the sea and many of us know from experience just how much fun getting on, in or under the water can be so we've put together a few pages to help you get the most out of being "by the sea".

On our site you will find:

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Who are we? What do we do?

Watchkeeper using binoculars

Operating from the old Coastguard Station at Eastcliff, volunteer watchkeepers keep a lookout for persons or vessels in distress or difficulty 365 days a year.

HM Coastguard is responsibile for managing maritime rescue. It is the Coastguard that tasks lifeboats, helicopters and cliff rescue teams to go to someone's assistance.

New Lookout

Coastwatch is an integral part of the National Search and Rescue Structure and our watchkeepers are trained to be aware of local conditions, to anticipate situations and to report accurately and clearly to the Coastguard whenever they spot a problem. This enables the Coastguard to respond promptly, with confidence and with a reliable set of eyes to keep them informed.

If you are planning to take a craft to sea off Teignmouth you can give us a call; we will be happy to provide a report of local conditions and today's inshore waters forecast.

Call us on 01626 772377 or VHF Channel 65, call sign - Teignmouth NCI.

We are on watch 365 days a year - full details of our watch hours

Coastwatch receives no public funding and is entirely dependent on donations.

Read more about Teignmouth NCI and discover ways to offer your support.

Please give generously to help us fund our Lookout

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